Back when buying music was a thing.
  1. Cobra Starship- Hot Mess (2009)
    A hot mess of a decision. Worst investment I've ever made. I bought it solely on my love for the single "Good Girls Go Bad" which was (still is actually) a banger. I didn't listen to any of the other songs on the album and that was my mistake. Maybe one or two other songs that were decent but man I had high hopes.
  2. Taylor Swift- Speak Now (2010)
    My first complete Taylor album and my personal favorite. So many classics and under appreciated songs on there.
  3. Taylor Swift- Red (2012)
    Yeah I caved and just bought the damn thing because it was cheaper than buying the songs I wanted individually. So many under appreciated songs. Still a solid investment but little did I know what was coming....
  4. Fun - Some Nights (2012)
    Again, bought the whole thing because after already buying half of the songs individually it was cheaper but sub a good album.
  5. Adele- 25 (2015)
    Enough said.
  6. Taylor Swift- 1989 (2014)
    I did NOT buy this one a made a CD of it from a friend. I'm not proud of it but Taylor can make some damn catchy songs.
  7. Bastille- Bad Blood (2013)
    Another solid album that I slowly kept buying songs from as I discovered them.
  8. Metro Station- Metro Station (2007)
    Ummm so many anthems from the 2000's on here. #Middleschool
  9. Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More (2009)
    Just a good album.
  10. Of Monster and Men- My Head is an Animal (2012)
    Like the epitome campfire album that made you feel semi hipster. It's also awesome.
  11. Ryn Weaver- The Fool (2015)
    Because it's Ryn and if you don't know this one you need to look it up and buy it.