Thoughts I Have While Sitting in My Art History Class

Keep in mind it's 3 hours long....
  1. Here we go
  2. The power point is up, it's actually atarting
  3. I can tell this is going to be rough
  4. Buddhist art, okay, not too bad
  5. Let me just slip my phone out on my desk so I can check it
  6. I'll take a @BuzzFeed quiz that'll pass some time
  7. "Which Halloweentown movie would you have started in?" Sounds like a good one
  8. I got the original! Classic
  9. Okay what time is it?
  10. 5:40. It's only been ten minutes, fuck me.
  11. I'm literally so bored
  12. I think this teacher has said "uh" roughly 1000 times so far
  13. I'll go on tinder that'll keep me occupied
  14. "There are no one new around you" Of course.
  15. Only 30 minutes in
  16. The professor just said Buddhas had man buns - attention briefly caught
  17. Do you think she'd notice if I just walked out right now?
  18. What am I going to eat after this class?
  19. My water bottles empty- I'm going to die of thirst
  20. If I don't die of boredom first
  21. Talking about halos & I immediately start to sing Beyoncé in my head
  22. My eyelids literally feel like they weight ten pounds. Can't. Keep. Open.
  24. I could technically make a break for it during this break and no one really notice my absence (story of my life actually though😒)
  25. Im doing it.
  26. Quick grab your stuff and run or the door and don't look back.