1. Garden of the Gods Gourmet
    Their brunch is pretty much worth dying for. Best upscale breakfast in town.
  2. Carlos Miguels
    Tacos. That is all.
  3. The Mediterranean Cafe
    Informal. Amazing pita bread (with some herb rub that 100% must contain an addictive substance).
  4. The Omlette Parlor
    Best place to nurse a hangover. Huge pancakes.
  5. Over Easy
    The best casual breakfast in town.
  6. The Caspian Cafe
    Upscale Mediterranean but not obscene, fantastic date night.
  7. La Baguette (Old Colorado City)
    Tasty lunch on a great strip for strolling local stores.
  8. Marigold's
    Phenomenal (slightly expensive) French food. You pretty much go for the dessert though.