I'm new to this app and as a result I have a total of ZERO followers so I thought I could give you some reasons on why you should follow me.
  1. I've been making lists since I was 6.
    I had a whole notebook for it and I wrote lists about everything from what to pack to who my best friends were (in order!!!) so you know I have experience.
  2. I take list writing very seriously.
    I promise not to get you hooked on my excellent lists and then leave you hanging. I'll treat this like a job writing lists once maybe even twice a week. On an unrelated note I'm not a very good employee...
  3. But at the same time my lists will be lighthearted and hella funny.
    They will ignite a chuckle within you.
  4. I won't be too disheartened if you decide to unfollow me later.
    I literally couldn't even care less. I mean look how chill I'm being so chill and so cool please follow me.