Yeah 2016 was the worst so here are some excellent ways to celebrate its ending
  1. Make a list of New Year's resolutions for 2017
    This is one of those age old traditions that I'm pretty sure is only around to make you feel bad about yourself
  2. Have an existential crisis!
    This one is easy and you can do it alone! Start by thinking about your year (it probably sucked and you most likely fell short of most of your goals.) next think about how billions of people have lived and died on this earth. Now question whether any of this really matters! (It doesn't)
    this one is pretty common but the best part is it works if you're alone or with people. Also thanks to the stigma around the holiday getting super drunk on NYE is socially acceptable!
  4. Accomplish all of your New Year's resolutions
    This is your last opportunity. Dig up that list and start planning. Did your list say get healthier? Go on a walk or eat a salad! Wanted to balance work and family life? Multitask by breast feeding your baby while creating that PowerPoint for your big presentation at work.
  5. Exact revenge on your enemies
    It's a known fact that you can only be tried for a crime during the same year that it was committed. If you time it right you can get your revenge and get off scot free!
  6. Binge watch a TV show
    Another suggestion for the ultimate introvert. Stay inside and never leave the house thanks to the internet you can watch virtually any show any time. Once the show is over you can choose to watch another show and just sit in silence thinking about what you just saw. (Maybe time for existential crisis part 2?)