Allow Me To Listroduce™ Myself

Saw a few of these. Looked fun.
  1. My name is Erika. With a K.
    I had a substitute teacher in high school who called me Eureka. He was very old and would constantly call us "commies"
  2. I was born in Dallas, TX, raised in Pittsburgh, PA and Annapolis, MD, and now I live in Brooklyn, NY.
    No one can tell where my accent is from. (Hint: it's EVERYWHERE)
  3. I get paid to write words.
    Advertising for the past 5 years, who knows what 5 years from now. This is the perfect platform for me.
  4. I am a TV and movie addict
  5. My #1 life goal is to become a matriarch
    Are you hungry? Sit down, I'll make you something to eat.
  6. I'm excited to be here!
    Love the idea, love the app. Let's do this!