1. First and foremost, @bjnovak has very soft hands
  2. My first reaction to seeing @jackantonoff was "whoa who's that hot dude" and then, after a bit, realizing that it was just Jack Antonoff
  3. Not drinking at a bar is the worst, but at least I stayed hydrated and talked to people ?
  4. Drunk dudes will show up and try to follow you and your friend home but screaming at them makes them go away for the most part
  5. @dfly had me crying he was so good. Do you think his lists are single?
  6. @summeranne has the Peggy Olson pin of my dreams (and also the app ideas)
  7. I completely forgot about @joannfabrics as a brand, really think their content is headed in the right direction now
  8. Any event can become a networking event
  9. Li.st rules.