1. Eat a spider
    Preferably a small spider that was already dead and wasn't moving around oh god
  2. Hold a snake
    We might become friends, who knows.
  3. Run a marathon
    Distinct possibility of me dying about three miles in but it's worth it.
  4. Gnaw off my own leg
    I need to lose weight anyway.
  5. Consume shellfish
    Just grab me an epi-pen and some Benadryl and I'll survive.
  6. Eat three spiders
    Once again, preferably small and already dead.
  7. Be buried alive
    Actually, on second thought, no
  8. Delete my social media accounts
    Honestly it'd probably be for the best
  9. Eat as many spiders as I have to
    Lin Manuel Miranda, tell me how many spiders I have to eat to see your show. Just tell me how many, Lin.