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TBH, I've been off this thing for a long ass time, am bored, and forgot what this is even like. Let's do this to this.
  1. What has you most excited about this tinder mystery man/woman?
    Suggested by   @Charlie_Chester
  2. Hahaha, still remembering how this app works. My response to @Charlie_Chester is in the comments, y'all. 😂
  3. did you swipe right or swipe up?
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
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I used to list joke lists but haven't been on in a while. Let's try this out again.
  1. WhiteHouse.gov no longer includes translation to Spanish. The Trump administration claims that Mexico will pay for the firewall.
  2. Trump & Putin scheduled their 1st official phone call Saturday. It just feels like the right next step after they've been texting for weeks.
  3. Mike Pence calls his wife Mother. Interestingly, his wife calls him as rarely as possible.
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A visual poem.
  1. Ewe do ewe.
  2. Yew do yew
  3. Hue do hue
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A tropical island isn't paradise for everyone. Hopefully ABC sees this and considers these other options for potential spots.
  1. An Ikea
  2. A tiny house
    Imagine the potential.
  3. Mars
    Turn up the heat.
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I'm late to the game but starting to get into this crazy ol thing called Snapchat. I need some more fun people to follow. Help a sister out.
  1. Here's mine: @imversatile
  2. @thepetemoore But, I'm a little hesitant about getting snaps from someone other than The Snapchat Team on holidays. So go easy.
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  3. @DawnCloud ☁️
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
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  1. Yesterday, I signed a full time contract with Bustle. Bustle, one of the fastest growing women's media startups, is unquestionably on my list of dream jobs.
  2. Not only did they offer me the job, they also met me on all my negotiations.
  3. What?!
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Yay for the ruling today! 👏👏👏
  1. On Monday, SCOTUS ruled in favor of reproductive rights. Unfortunately, the greatest risk women still face is the college swim team.
  2. On Monday, SCOTUS ruled to uphold Roe vs Wade. Unfortunately, still no solution on Bro vs. Raped.
  3. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of women's rights. So, now the greatest risk women face is being Donald Trump's daughter.
I've never seen an episode of GOT, but this is what I assume will happen in tonight's season finale.
  1. Lots of horses.
  2. At least three dragons.
  3. An appearance by Donald Trump.
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  1. Be Stephen Colbert
  2. Not be weirded out by a woman's period
  3. Say, "You are right."
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