1. Hey y'all, so I'm glad you're feeling the Bern. The guy has a lot of good ideas and values.
  2. But. I have a lot of friends who have said they probably won't vote if he doesn't win the nomination.
  3. I get that! You want your dood and maybe you don't love Hillary. That's okay. Your feelings are valid and all.
  4. But remember. Your Middle Eastern friends, your Hispanic friends, and your female friends will all suffer under Trump.
  5. Not to mention, at this rate, the next prez will nominate the new Supreme Court justice.
  6. That's a big deal! The SCOTUS has a lot of big ticket rulings on their docket. Those choices will influence life for all of us. Do you trust Donald Trump to make that choice?
  7. Because I don't.
  8. So, please. Vote in November. Do it for people like me. Do it to protect the marginalized.
  9. Thank you. 🇺🇸