1. Say a small prayer daily for all my missing bobby pins.
  2. Blame only 60% of my problems on my relationship with my dad; do nothing to repair said relationship.
  3. Think about canceling my unused gym membership, but pay that monthly fee regardless and feel like a piece of shit about it.
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  4. Create some motherfuckin lists, y'all.
  5. VOTE 🇺🇸
  6. Avoid being slowly murdered by the tiny, furry demons that I live with. 🐱
  7. Have every intention to shave my legs.
  8. Settle more. Life is too short to wait for everything you deserve.
  9. Buy things I don't need BUT JUST REALLY WAAAAANT. (I'm looking at you, Target!)
  10. Memorize 100% of all rap songs. Wait until the last minute to complete deadlines on real projects.