Inspired by @sophiack and @ltoiaivao, because we all applied to be @ClickHole freelancers and, as comedians, we need validation.
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    LIST: 9 DIY Projects to Recycle Your Used Condoms for the Environmentally Minded Sex Addict
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    BLOG: I found out my kitten, Rueben has deep ties to the drug cartel, and what happened next you'll never believe.
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    ARTICLE: I Have Daddy Issues and You Can, Too
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    VIDEO: We Locked Couples on the Verge of Divorce in a Cardboard Box. What Happens Next the FCC Won't Let Us Air.
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    QUIZ: Do You Know the Appropriate Number of Times to Say Sorry Before Someone Respects You as a Woman? (Hint: It’s More Than You’d Think!)
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    LIST: 40 Unsolved Crimes to Cure Your Sleep Habit
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    ARTICLE: How to Look Good Naked After a Mix Up with Acid Rain
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    BLOG: Hear Me Out. Drinking Abortion Juice Made Me a GOP Frontrunner.
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    LIST: 3 Sex Positions to Give Your Man Mental Health Issues
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    VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at the Farm Where They Send Former Bachelor Contestants