1. Hear me out. I like List App as much as the next guy.
    Maybe even more than the next guy, depending on who that guy is.
  2. But there's a trend around here that I'm noticing that needs to be addressed.
  3. I hear lots of people saying things like, "I love that I can be vulnerable here!"
  4. Or, "I know I'll have to delete a bunch of my lists when my friends join."
  5. Or, "The people on this app are so nice!"
  6. Those things are true. People on List are great and the vulnerability is refreshing.
  7. BUT...
  8. We're all just normal people, living in normal towns, in normal planet earth.
  9. The people on List are just like your neighbors. Well, some of them actually ARE your neighbors.
  10. If your friends joined list app, they'd love it too.
    Unless you're friends with a bunch of cunts.
  11. So, maybe we should give people more credit and try being vulnerable in person, in real life conversations.
  12. It's scary, but real, strong relationships are built on shared vulnerability.
  13. Maybe we'd realize that the world is (mostly) like one big List App.
    Though, there are def a lot of a-holes. Don't get me wrong.
  14. Maybe we're all just waiting for our friends to be vulnerable first. But they're waiting, too.
  15. Someone should take the first step. You.
  16. And don't delete your lists if your friends join!
    If your friends don't like you because of something you said in a moment of honesty, they aren't your friends. Friends let you be real. Friends want you to be authentic.
  17. Don't waste energy trying to make your cunty friends happy.
  18. Make friends with good people, who like you, instead.
    Even if you have less friends. (But people generally like honest people, so you'll probably have more friends.)
  19. You can do it.
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