Yo yo yo! It's almost my girl @emilyannlosey's birthday! Let's celebrate this most awesome bitch with mad compliments. (Really, though. I know Emily IRL and she's one of the best people I know.) Here are just a FEW of my favorite things about her. Add to the list!
  1. She always drunk texts THE BEST things.
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  2. She does celebrity impressions like nobodies business.
    Seriously, though. Her Christopher Walkin makes me pee my pants a little.
  3. She has obsessions that are so strangely endearing.
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    For instance, this hat. She's obsessed with it and it makes her a totally different persona.
  4. She's smart as a whip.
  5. ...and yet, unbelievably informed about all things pop culture.
    Seriously. If you need any celeb news or gossip, this is your gal.
  6. She is so god damn pretty.
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    We really shouldn't let her out of the house. It's making us all look bad. (Seriously, though. What a bitch.)
  7. She has a HUGE heart.
    She works in social work. She volunteered a ton after Hurricane Katrina. She advocates for victims and women's rights. She's just the best, most nicest person.
  8. She is tiny.
    Not necessarily a plus, but it makes ME happy!
  9. She's a great listener.
    And she cares about her friends a lot.
  10. She is HILARIOUS.
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  11. She's an amazing aunt.
  12. She's a hard worker.
    She does SO much and puts her whole heart into her work.
  13. She is always learning and growing.
  14. She is quirky.
  15. She is strong, confident and stands up for herself.
    If Beyoncé was a tiny, blonde woman she would be Emily
  16. She is an avid lister.
    And recruited me! Follow her if you don't already.