Inspired by @vmacies and @emilyannlosey
  1. One in three women will have an abortion by the time they're 45.
    *According go a 2008 study.
  2. One in three!
  3. So, before you say something flippant about abortion publicly...
  4. Remember!
  5. You probably know and love one of those women.
  6. You don't know their reasoning or experience.
  7. They probably already feel isolated. After all, they didn't tell you--right?
  8. Do you want to be the kind of person that pushes others further into isolation and shame?
  9. Probably not.
  10. So, tread lightly.
  11. You're welcome to have your own worldview and experience.
  12. But it's not the only one.
  13. So, share. But do it with some gentleness and respect, okay?
  14. 👌🏼