No, this isn't a Clorox bleach commercial. This is a real race discussion. I saw this trending on Twitter yesterday and took the time to curate some of these truly horrifying posts. Several were TOO offensive to even include.
  1. You guys, you may not realize it but apparently WE NEED TO PROTECT THE WHITE RACE!!!
    Warning: INSANE fear mongering ahead.
  2. Wait, what?
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  3. Please note the side by side photos of Hitler and Trump in matching Ray Bans.
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  4. This one, by an account called "White Motivation," got retweeted 158 times.
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  5. I posted this ACTUALLY funny thing yesterday and it got retweeted 0 times.
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  6. Wow.
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  7. Has this lady ever SEEN Beyoncé? Back up.
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  8. OMFG.
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  9. What?!
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  10. Oh my.
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  11. Is this real life?
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  12. No one is threatening your ability to date white people.
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  13. Woooof. Humans are terrifying.