I work for a nonprofit. For some, year end donations matter for tax reasons. For the rest of us (broke ass fools) year end donations, even gifts of $5 or $10, really support the ability to continue their good work. If you haven't made your end of year gift, DO IT NOW! It really helps! Not sure where to give? Here are some causes (add your faves!)
  1. A quick note:
    Campaign donations are generally NOT tax deductible but you should still consider supporting your favorite candidate! 2016 is an important year!
  2. Planned Parenthood
    Did you know that one in five women has visited a Planned Parenthood center at least once in her life? PP provides services to help women prevent unwanted pregnancies and keep their lady bits healthy. Support women's health. (Right now, gifts are being tripled dollar for dollar! 🎉) www.plannedparenthood.org/donate
  3. Telos
    This is one of my favorite organizations. They work across faith communities and with government officials to work toward peace in Israel and Palestine. I know both the founders personally, and they're two of the smartest, most thoughtful people working on the issue. www.telosgroup.org/donate
  4. The American Red Cross
    Because disasters literally never end. www.redcross.org/donate
  5. Remnant International
    Want to help a young, small non-profit helping women escape prostitution and start a new life in Uganda? THIS. (I'm on the board, have met all the women, and can testify that this is legit and 100% of the money earned goes to support the women.) www.remnantintl.org/donate
  6. TreePeople
    This is where I work! We help protect the tree canopy in Los Angeles to keep our city breathable, as well as local projects to capture stormwater to make LA water-secure! www.treepeople.org/donate
  7. Against Malaria Foundation
    Protects people in developing countries from malaria (helps them not die!!!) by distributing long lasting insecticide treated bednets! Protect 2 people for just $2.50 ✨
    Suggested by @oholivia