1. Too many types of hats/wearing hats in every photo.
    What kind of person has never taken a photo without a hat?
  2. No smiling photos.
    Have you no joy?
  3. All smiling photos.
    OMG calm down, there are lots of world problems.
  4. Minor grammatical errors.
    Do you even proofread, bro?
  5. Women hotter than me standing too close in photos.
  6. Only active hobbies listed.
    Just reading your profile is exhausting me.
  7. Any photos holding a shot.
    If you're the kind of person who feels comfortable representing yourself as someone who takes pictures of yourself holding a shot, I can't imagine we'd get along.
  8. Guns.
    Ok this one is less nonsense and more real.
  9. The words "hehe" or "lol" in your summary.
  10. More than 3 emojis.
  11. Inspirational quotes that were too hopeful.
    Tone it down.
  12. Weird username.
  13. Referencing any other dating site ironically. (Like farmersonly or jdate)
  14. Pets I'm not attracted to.
  15. Too stylish.
    You're gonna make me look bad and I can't have that.
  16. Giving a thumbs up.
    Even though I'm sure I do this in 99% of photos.
  17. Some mention of your height with an annoyed tone. (6 ft, because I guess it matters.)
    Duh it matters, don't act like you don't get why someone would care?
  18. A too high score on Snapchat.
    I can only guess that's been all dicks.
  19. Mutual friend is someone I don't like.
  20. In summary: I'm going to die alone. ⚰