1. Life is fleeting.
  2. Terrorism is rooted in poverty, long term instability, a lack of education and a sense of hopelessness. No person with a bright and stable future chooses that path. America can play a role in ending terrorism, but it looks different than our past relations with the Middle East. It will require innovation and massive humility.
  3. Education really, really, really is the key to change. Know a teacher? Kiss the ground they walk on. They're unsung heroes.
  4. I should remember to slow down, and to be more gentle. It's too bad it takes catastrophe to remember this.
  5. Life doesn't make much sense. Laugh and be a little irreverent.
  6. Very few things actually matter. Focus on those things, don't sweat everything else.
  7. Lists are healing.
  8. Life is hard.