Short answer: Everyone.
  1. Meat eaters
    Why don't you eat meat again? Uh oh, are you judging me if I eat meat? Do you think you'll eat meat again eventually? Why don't you eat a bite now?
  2. Vegans
    You're going to eat those mashed potatoes? I thought you were compassionate. You know those have butter in them, right? Do you even know how butter is made?
  3. All the pilgrims
    We didn't give all the native people smallpox just so you could go and cut meat out of your diet, like some commie pussy.
  4. Your dad
    When I was a kid we didn't have this! I cooked it for you! Eat it! You'll like it!
  5. Turkeys
    Gobble gobble. (Translation, we sacrificed ourselves for you.)
  6. Jesus
    The poor will always be among you, so for now thou shalt submit to the lustful coma of tryptophan.
  7. Your nose
    Fuck, it smells so good.