1. I had this thought and am wondering if there is any basis of truth in it, so let's talk.
  2. But I was thinking about the way lesbianism is fetishized by men in porn.
  3. Which could be a real thing that guys are biologically into, I don't know.
    Anyone done studies on this?
  4. But I was curious if, even subconsciously, it's a means by which men (intentionally or unintentionally) seek power over women.
  5. Because those women aren't interested in a dude being involved.
  6. So, wouldn't hyper-sexualizing that be a way for a man to continue to, in essence, exert ownership and dominance?
    In other words, your sexual experience means nothing to me beyond my ability to mine pleasure out of it for myself.
  7. Thoughts?
  8. I admittedly could be way off basis. It was a fleeting thought that I'd like feedback on.