1. It seems pretty common that if I don't respond to a message, a guy will follow up with a barrage of messages.
  2. Sometimes they're kind of ugly and rude.
  3. Either way, it's annoying.
  4. Here are a few reasons why she possibly didn't respond:
  5. She read your profile after you matched and realized you don't have that much in common.
  6. She looked at your other photos and realized you didn't have that much in common.
  7. She's fucking busy and hasn't been online.
  8. She's talking to someone else and wants to see if that pans out before engaging in something new.
  9. You sent a boring ass message like "hi" that she didn't deem worthy of response.
  10. Regardless, it's not her responsibility to make you happy.
    Sorry. Not sorry. 🖕🏽
  11. She is not mandated to talk to everyone who reaches out.
  12. It's not your job to police her messages.
  13. So, if she doesn't respond, back off.
  14. Sound good?