A list of people I have called my boyfriend at some point.
  1. Trevor (4 months?)
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    I broke up with him behind our church at the time, probably before youth group or something. Also, met @emilyannlosey through him. You know, because we both dated him.
  2. Kei (on and off for several months)
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    I broke up with him multiple times for various dumb reasons and kept getting back together for equally dumb reasons. I think the final break up was outside the dorms, sitting on a curb.
  3. Carl (???)
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    We were never official but I considered him my bf. I think we broke up over text but can't remember.
  4. David (something like a year or so)
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    We broke up in his car. I still consider him a pretty good friend. I was using his Netflix for several years. He just recently changed the password.
  5. Nate (2 years)
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    Rough shit, man.
  6. Stephen Colbert (always and forever)
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    Love you, baby.