1. Yesterday, I signed a full time contract with Bustle. Bustle, one of the fastest growing women's media startups, is unquestionably on my list of dream jobs.
  2. Not only did they offer me the job, they also met me on all my negotiations.
  3. What?!
  4. When the fuck does that happen?!
  5. I feel so lucky and humbled. Opportunities like this don't come up every day.
  6. When I sat with a (current) co-worker to talk about it, her first question was "What do you feel really stood out on your resume?"
  7. Thinking back, even though I have a full resume of jobs and accomplishments, the things they seemed most interested in were the projects I took on independently: my blog, podcasts, late night writing workshop groups, classes at UCB.
  8. They didn't ask a ton about my job history. They asked me about what I did on my own.
  9. It's been that way for almost every job I've booked in the last 5 years.
  10. And, frankly, in the past 11 years there's only been a few days when I didn't write something—even if it was short, sucked, or would never see another pair of eyes. I've done something every day, on top of a full time job/friends/volunteering/blah blah blah.
  11. I've made big sacrifices in time and money to hone my work, and take classes. I've missed parties and social outings. I've been exhausted because I was very, very tired from late nights.
  12. But, as I look forward to this new, fun opportunity, I know I didn't get this because I'm inherently talented. (I'm not.)
  13. I know I got it because I put in the time, and proved I can work hard and take initiative.
  14. So, if you're hoping you'll book a dream job, start investing in those things nowwww.
  15. Don't wait for someone to affirm your ideas.
  16. Don't wait for someone to pay you.
  17. Don't wait for a title.
  18. Start working on making what you want now.
  19. Because that's the thing that's gonna connect you to the next thing.
  20. Giphy