1. Everyone will be promptly fired because OMG soooo many tech issues.
  2. How did Stevie Wonder read the teleprompter? I demand answers.
  3. Adele is unbelievably gorgeous. Like, too much.
  4. Justin Bieber is Chester Cheetah. Exhibit A.
  5. Exhibit B
  6. Xzibit, not present at the Grammys.
  7. OMG every song is so slow, every performance is so boring, I thank I hate music.
  8. I can't wait for The Bachelor.
  9. Lady Gaga 👏🏽
  10. Kendrick 👏🏽
  11. Why did the give Pitbull time? Who likes Pitbull?
  12. Did anyone else notice Taylor's nod to Violet Beauregarde?
    Suggested by @angelacroz