1. Is it just me, or is the List App basically the only place on earth that is constantly dominated by women?
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    Like when basically all the top trending lists are by women, talking about all kinds of things!
  2. Actually, at the time that photo was taken, 18/30 trending lists were written by women. That's badass.
  3. Not to say women should be dominant in culture.
  4. (Even though after thousands of years of cultural oppression, we kind of deserve to run shit for just a LITTLE bit.)
  5. But, obviously we should be equal, regardless of gender preference.
  6. But admittedly, it's really nice to see women's voices being celebrated on a gender neutral platform.
  7. So, nice work List Community. Pat yourself on the back.
  8. And thanks to all the List dudes who listen to our stories, comment thoughtfully, relist and are supportive AF. It's more encouraging and uplifting than you know.
    I would like to marry all of you.