Your family doesn't get you, but these babies do!
  1. You can do it!
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  2. Just a few more hours.
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  3. I believe in you.
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  4. Me in 2016.
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  5. Fight ISIS with cuteness.
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  6. Gun control?
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    What we really need is to control how much I wanna squeeze this little guy.
  7. You will overcome.
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  8. You are strong.
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  9. You are smart and college educated.
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  10. You are a good person.
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  11. You are so hot, you could date anyone.
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    Don't let their relentless questioning of when you'll be married get you down.
  12. Just have another drink.
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  13. Get seconds. Thirds even. You deserve in.
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  14. Repeat after me.
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    I love my family. I love my family. I love my family.
  15. You're almost at the finish line.
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  16. You've got this.
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  17. Hang in there.
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  18. Take deep breaths.
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  19. Struggling to hold back your opinion?
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    Shove rolls in your mouth. The tastiest way to stay quiet during Ben Carson propaganda.
  20. These people could die soon!
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    Remember that.
  21. You're doing great.
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  22. Next year, remember to pack a flask.
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  23. Feeling like screaming?
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    Tip: putting your head IN the turkey is a great way to muffle your desperate cries.
  24. If nothing else, you'll walk away with great material for a list!
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