This is such a funny list request. It's really making me think! Thanks, @hpryfogle
  1. First of all, I've always been a stubborn kid.
  2. I would always break my parents rules, but in a respectful/manipulative way.
  3. Like, I used to climb up on the counter when I was three. When my mom would say, "you're not supposed to be up there," my response would be, "close eyes."
  4. Or if they said be careful, I'd just keep doing what I was doing, but repeating "Be careful??" over and over.
  5. I never really felt like I was aware that being a girl was any different than a boy.
  6. My parents treated my brother and I mostly the same.
  7. Eventually, my mom told me she named me after Erica Kane from the soap opera, All My Children.
  8. Specifically because she was feisty and independent.
  9. Recently, I've realized my mom has always intentionally instilled feminist values in me, even though we never used that term.
  10. In sixth grade, I got sent to the principles office for wearing a sweatshirt that said "Boys Lie." My teacher told me to take it off because it was offensive, and I refused.
  11. In tenth grade, I got sent to the office for wearing a chain on my belt
    LOOK, it was a different time and I was emo.
  12. I wrote a long letter to the principal in response detailing my academic achievement and criticizing the establishment for punishing an exemplary student for something so ridiculous, and wove in disparities I noticed between the way girls and boys were treated in terms of dress code. I told them I might contact the media. They dropped the case.
  13. I always just did what I wanted, and if someone targeted my gender, I'd turn it on them because I wasn't raised to think my gender was a limitation.
  14. It wasn't until I started practicing a faith that gender disparities became an issue for me.
  15. And I started to notice the way people within the church treated me and other women differently.
  16. Which seemed like obvious bullshit.
  17. Or had a different set of rules for women.
  18. And I did. Often.
  19. So, weirdly, I guess you could say Jesus made me a verbally proclaimed feminist.
  20. So, I researched church theology and egalitarianism so that I could school their asses.
  21. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. A lot of men in our church has issues with me. Some still did. Because I, eventually, became a leader and wouldn't tolerate that.
  23. And I was a mentor to lots of young women, and I instilled those values in them too.
  24. I eventually left that church, and formal church communities in general, because I can't hang with that vibe.
  25. That experience is probably what led me to start embracing the term feminism.
  26. Because time and time again, I've seen women get treated unfairly.
  27. And it's not fair to women.
  28. And it's definitely not fair to men.
  29. Because a society where some people aren't able to express themselves freely can't prosper.
  30. So now I just bitch about unfair treatment on Twitter.