I was a spoiled child who meticulously planned my own parties and incessantly pestered my obliging parents until they gave in to my plans
  1. 14th: I have literally no memory of this party
    I know I had one, I just can't remember what we did
  2. 19th: Dinner & a movie
    I was just a few weeks into my first semester of college, so I didn't know enough people yet to throw an actual party. 3 friends and I got Cafe Rio for dinner and then came back to my place for cake and The Three Amigos
  3. 17th: DDR Party
    I have very few memories of this but I remember it being really fun. Lots of people, lots of dance-offs. And a lady from church made me a giant, 2-tiered hot pink birthday cake
  4. 16th: Costume party
    I have an October birthday, so a costume party seemed fitting. My best friend dressed up as her boyfriend and it was hilarious, and we all played Whose Line is it Anyway? games. My dad made homemade pumpkin ice cream and my friends all pooled together to get me tickets for all of us to see Dashboard Confessional (aka my high school obsession)
  5. 15th: Laser tag
    This was the year my family lived in Vegas, and I was blessed to have a small, tight-knit group of friends. We went to this rock-awesome laser tag place and then came home for Olive Garden fettuccini alfredo takeout and my mom's homemade cheesecake. Wrapped up the party with sleeping bag races down the stairs
  6. 18th: Boxing showdown
    My parents rented a giant inflatable boxing ring, complete with giant boxing gloves. We were only supposed to have two people in there at a time, but by the end of it there were like 20 of us in there just running at each other from opposite sides of the ring to grapple with each other. So many bruises, but so, so fun
  7. 13th: hotel extravaganza
    My dad worked for Marriott when I was a kid, so I convinced my parents to let me have a sleepover at a hotel. I brought 8 friends along and we stayed at a villa in Orlando for the night. We swam, we played on the indoor playground, we watched movies and ate pizza back in the room. In the morning we drove to another Orlando Marriott, which has THE best breakfast buffet and stuffed ourselves silly. Afterwards we took lots of rides on their giant glass elevator and took pictures in the gardens