Er... Listing this for a friend...
  1. You're searching online and happen to find an article that talks about the benefit of using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash/teeth whitener
  2. You realize that, since you're out of mouth wash (okay, you haven't even bought mouth wash in...well, a long time) and since you want whiter teeth (who doesn't?) then why not
  3. Happen to read the disclaimer *do not swallow*
  4. Anyway, yay whiter teeth!
  5. Commence hydrogen peroxide-ing
  6. Ew. Disgusting taste - you rinse out your mouth reeeeally well
  7. Ok! Complete! Time to lay in bed... Wait... Do you still taste peroxide? Maybe you should go spit again
  8. And rinse
  9. Okay, back to bed, but all your brain can think is how you essentially just potentially poisoned yourself and are somehow actually still swallowing peroxide
  10. Your anxiety kicks in and you consider writing a heartfelt note in the instance you don't wake up in the morning, explaining to your loved ones that it was just a genuine attempt to whiten your teeth
  11. You decide not to write the note... And write a List instead