I like chubby pugs SUE ME
  1. Here is the first pug I saw in New York. This is 1/10 pictures of it on my phone. I am the pugarazzi.
  2. This is a pug I saw peeing in Paris. I am the shadow. (photo 1/4)
  3. I went to a dog park with my bf where he claimed to have never seen a pug. Two walked in moments after our arrival. Their names were Jack and Gizmo. They were a gift from G-d Himself.
  4. Here is a close-up of me and Jack, the moment we fell in love.
  5. My boyfriend and I used to go to the dog run in Tompkins Square Park, even though we didn't have a dog. It was there that I met this chubby old guy, which is 100% my type. Since then, my idiot boyfriend told people in the park that we didn't have a dog and that we just came for the pugs. Now we can't go back. Idk why we're still together.
  6. I waited in line for almost a half hour to meet the Internet-famous Doug the Pug. He was chill then, but now he hangs out with like Justin Bieber and goes to Warped Tour. Fucking sellout.
  7. I was creeping on some dude I went to middle school with on Facebook and found this. There's not enough context in the world for this photo to make sense, but it gives me a good chuckle every time I see it.
  8. I would like to know this pug very much. We have the same taste in comedy, and that's important.
  9. This was the background on my phone for like two years so I feel like it's weird that we don't know each other already.
  10. LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!