1. A couple that met on Tinder in Colorado, went skiing for an hour, and decided to go on a two-week motorcycle trip in Morocco
  2. A 20 year old guy from New York who's terrified of spies
  3. A gay Irishman who I hung out with on the night before the vote for gay marriage and the day after. Happiest person I've ever seen
  4. American girls who wouldn't stop telling a British guy he sounds like Harry Potter. Interesting is a kind word, I hated their guts
  5. A Dutch guy who told me he never felt as strong of a connection with a stranger as he did with me, after knowing me for about an hour. May have been alcohol-induced
  6. A Portuguese guy whose parents are from Senegal who has never been to the U.S. and yet has a perfect american accent and uses american slang flawlessly
  7. A gas station owner from the Scottish highlands who told us how great Scotland is, then said he's moving to Romania in September because Scotland is too cold and he's going to open the first whiskey shop in Romania
  8. An Icelandic guy who thinks he's short because he's only 6'3"
  9. A Moroccan waiter who constantly baa'ed like a sheep while he talked, I think because he just thought it was funny