1. We went to Dave and Busters - an hour after he landed at LAX
  2. We went to the beach with about 25 acquaintances I'm not really friends with
  3. We went to a party full of 20-year-old Vine stars, the only person we knew was a very intoxicated Tim Chang
  4. Took a photo in a photo booth with ten people we don't know
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  5. Went to El Compadre two nights in a row for flaming margaritas
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  6. Took shots of fucking Sailor Jerry's
  7. Met a guy who smokes cigarettes with a baby hand
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  8. Went to the Americana at Brand and ate at the Cheesecake Factory
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  9. Went to my friend's house and took this picture
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  10. Did improv at a show that needed a team to fill in. We pretended we were a legit team and only afterwards admitted he'd never done OR EVEN SEEN improv before
  11. I really hope I am convincing him to move here