Boring thoughts not included
  1. Being a woman in American politics is still incredibly hard, and Hillary finally nailed the tone she needs to win.
    Assertive but not aggressive, let nobody interrupt her, calm and confident, genuine. She was perfect and I hope she can keep it up after all the other candidates start ganging up on her as the election continues.
  2. Bernie always seems mad at me
  3. Jim Webb is running for the democratic nomination in 1964
  4. Most negative comments I saw about Chafee were about his appearance and that sucks. That shouldn't matter. He actually has a lot of interesting, unique ideas and even though he won't win, he can add a lot to the campaign.
  5. Americans decry how much money is in campaigns but then we ignore small candidates and prefer those who have expensive debate coaches, speech writers, web designers, and social media experts.
  6. Martin O'Malley's closing remarks were wonderful.
  7. I feel better about being a Democrat than I have in quite some time, and hopeful that the American people will see which party is still dominated by serious, reasonable, practical people.
  8. Hillary/O'Malley 2016. Bernie at Treasury. Chafee at Labor or Interior. Jim Webb should try coaching college football