1. Take the metro
    Walk too, but seriously, the Eiffel Tower is much further than it looks. Don't forget that it is super tall. I walked there a couple days ago from the Sacre-Coeur and it took me two hours
  2. Buy stuff in Montmartre and behind the Sacré-Coeur
    Good prices! Good little grocery stores everywhere and those are hard to find in really touristy upscale areas
  3. Don't buy a ticket online for the catacombs
    You have to print it but they only tell you that after you buy it. What kind of a tourist has a printer? This sucked for me
  4. Don't go to the catacombs in the last hour they're open or a shitty employee will follow you the whole way. I hate that guy
  5. Seriously do try and speak French
    At least say bonjour. It's just polite
  6. Parisians are nice, except the ones who work in the tourism industry
  7. Don't you dare go to Versailles and not pay to go in
  8. Get a pain au chocolat and a macaron before you leave
  9. Some people don't consider the Sacré-Coeur a must-see, I do. Also the view over Paris is fantastic
  10. Don't buy a soda for two euros, find a store where they're one euro. Come on