I mean it. If you come to Iceland and don't see these things, you're missing out in a huge way.
  1. The black sand beach in Vík
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  2. The Seljalandsfoss waterfall
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  3. The Djúpalónssandur black stone beach
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  4. Driving around Snaefellsnes
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  5. Thingvellir national park
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  6. Gullfoss giant waterfall
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  7. Rain and cold. You literally can't miss it
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  8. Drangurinn and Drangshlid - weird rock formation with ancient houses built into it
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  9. Driving around and looking at the countryside
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  10. Lava fields covered in hay and moss
  11. And when you're not seeing sights, go hang out with Icelanders. They're funny and nice and they wear great sweaters.