I like going places people tell me not to.
  1. Nowhere is safe to go by yourself, so go everywhere.
    I'm not safe walking alone in my home of Los Angeles so why should I stay there and miss out on the Jordanian desert or the Istanbul nightlife?
  2. Don't go to protests. That said, I love a good protest
    The safe rule is don't go to protests in other countries. But I heard a group of people shouting "allahu akbar" in Istanbul and couldn't resist joining them. In Athens yesterday protesters got smoke bombed and tear gassed by the police and I went closer to get a better video. Don't be stupid like me. I will probably get killed someday and will feel very stupid.
  3. If you can be with a guy, be with a guy. If not, oh well
    Most places in the world are more comfortable with a man at your side, no matter how wimpy. People just leave you alone more than if you're a woman alone or in a group of women.
  4. Try and not look like an American
    Do your best to stop smiling all the time
  5. Put money everywhere. In the sole of your shoe. Your tiniest pocket. Your buttcrack
  6. Register with the state department so if shit goes down in a country, they know you're there
  7. Be aware of your surroundings all the time. Just internalize it. Be like Batman and echolocate yourself
    And try to not walk around with a map out. Even I want to mug people standing on a corner with their map out
  8. Don't listen to people at home who try and scare you out of going
    They probably have never been there and don't know.
  9. Enjoy it. You're probably going to be fine, and you'll have a fun and exciting vacation, different from what everyone else is doing.
    And if you die I claim no responsibility, it's not my fault
  10. Don't join ISIS