I just started dating someone - we've gone out on a few dates, she's hung out at my house and met my best friend. That's where we are. It's new.
  1. I took a big step and sent a heart emoji for the first time, even though I am intensely unromantic.
    She sent one back. Phew 😰
  2. I feel comfortable around her, and have realized how uncomfortable I usually feel around people I'm dating
    I have felt uneasy around almost everyone I've ever dated. Only in the absence of it did I realize how bonkers that is.
  3. We made out in public a lot and it was awesome
    I'm not a PDA type. Until this year I tried to keep my dating life as secret as possible. But we made out at a giant party full of people I know and I didn't die. Not even close.
  4. I am 95% sure she's not on ListApp
    Well I sure hope not, that might be weird as hell
  5. I hope it wasn't too insensitive that I asked her to sleep on the couch when she stayed over late. I then slept on my other couch, because hey my bed is small and unnecessarily intimate
  6. I am a lot taller than her, which I didn't think I'd like but I do
    I love very tall, bold girls but they terrify and intimidate me, leading to those uneasy feelings I spoke of earlier
  7. I think we like each other the same amount, which feels like a positive and nice amount
    I usually feel apathetic to someone or I like them so much I'm miserable. Not feeling that and that's awesome
  8. It's new, I don't know where it's going, but I'm not concerned with that. It's cool right now, this is a fun place to be, and I'm just going to enjoy it in a very chill manner
  9. She is moving back to Sweden in January, which has really alleviated my commitment issues but I'm sure I will be very sad when it happens
    If my ideal relationship is with a foreign exchange student here for one semester, it's safe to say I still have issues.