Just because I'm hungry and still need to go grocery shopping..
  1. Steak Tartar.
    Of course with my sunny side up or raw [quail egg] and truffle vinaigrette. Yummm.
  2. Cheese board.
    Preferably with fromage blanc, brie, and some honey goat. Going for the soft cheeses today.
  3. Grouper sandwich.
    Grilled, not fried.
  4. Heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad.
    Almost heirloom tomato season!! Can taste it now- the still warm homemade mozzarella perfect with the citrus.
  5. Banana Pudding
    From Grain.
  6. Here are my three runner ups just because: raw oysters with a mignonette, deviled eggs, and weetabix.
  7. And now my stomach is growling even more, I must go to Wegmans! :-)