1. Lottery
    Two guys drove around like Ed McMahon handing out checks and ruining people's lives, maybe?
  2. A comedy about Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming being married and having kids
    I remember a joke about a kid saying "fiddlesticks" and the mom going "The F word!"
  3. Make Me Laugh
    There have been a few different versions of this, but the one I remember was maybe late 70s/early 80s?
  4. Bizarre
    Pay cable sketch show that always had a boob shot which was a big deal for me as an adolescent. Kind of a big deal for me now, tbh.
  5. Some sitcom about a comedy writer's family
    Not Dick Van Dyke. Some 80s piece of crap that lasted maybe 2 episodes.
  6. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
    I just remember thinking how hip it looked.
  7. Head Of The Class
    Not really short-lived, per se, but no one talks about it anymore. The fat kid at the computer now makes Nick's most popular sitcoms.
  8. Clue Club
    Scooby-Doo rip off, but I loved it.