From the very kind and lovely @dreadpiratemama
  1. At first, I had difficulty actually writing this list. I don't really consider what I "like" about myself.
    To be perfectly honest, I've never really thought about it. No one has ever really asked to evaluate my own attributes.
  2. I think if you had to ask me, I guess I would answer with the following:
  3. 1. My humor.
    "Humor is the only defense against an otherwise cruel and indifferent universe." - Mel Brooks
  4. 2. My brains.
    It's not really something to evaluate. It's far too subjective. Suffice it to say, I feel as if I've bashed them in enough, and gone to the furthest extremes I know, only to see that my brains and ten cents will probably buy you a cup of coffee. "And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness be folly; I perceived these all as vexations of spirit." - Ecclesiastes.
  5. 3. My words. They are paints I use to give life to the paintings in my head. Sometimes, they help. Sometimes, they offer no comfort. However, they are there for those that want to listen.
    "My wrists, rivers. My fingers, words." - Charles Bukowski
  6. 4. My devastatingly handsome good looks.
    "That was some bullllllllllshit. And, you KNOW THIS...MAN." - Smokey, 'Friday'
  7. Thank you, @dreadpiratemama for this list. I've been especially emotional these past few weeks, and she's been a quiet source of support. 😘❤🙌