This could be either my greatest achievement, or the worst disaster in human history. Thank you, @Lindi
  1. First, take 2 oz. of white tequila.
  2. Add this:
  3. Some of this HAWT RAWK:
  4. A dash of this:
  5. 1 oz. of creme de cassis (a berry-flavored liquor)
  6. 1 oz. of pomegranate liquor
  7. Some of this:
  8. A smidge of this:
  9. A dabbling of this:
  10. 2 oz. of lime juice
  11. A whiff of this:
  12. This:
  13. And, this:
  14. Be sure to use this sparingly:
  15. Also, make sure to control the balls:
  16. Add "ho wings" sauce
  17. This:
  18. Some of this (a little):
  19. Always put this in, cuz' it's for real
  20. Never forget, they sang a duet together
  21. Keep this out. Just, right out.
  22. But, this is okay.
  23. Add this:
  24. With this:
  25. Put all this in a metal shaker over ice. Shake well. Add this:
  26. Pour into a rocks glass, adding a lime wedge for garnish. Top with club soda. Use this to stir:
  27. There. You have the drink of all drinks...a cocktail that I invented called: "SEXT"
  28. Insert the song: "I'm Coming Up", by Diana Ross.
  29. SEXT
  30. With special thanks to my dear homie @Lindi for this list, cuz' she's so sweet.