Because she asked. 😉 A Prohibition cocktail, invented at Harry's Bar in New York City in 1924.
  1. 1.5 oz. of rye whiskey.
    I prefer bourbon, and I prefer Maker's Mark.
  2. 1 oz. of dry vermouth.
    I prefer Dolin's.
  3. 3/4 oz. of fresh lemon juice.
  4. 3/4 ounce of real pomegranate grenadine. Remember: no Rose's! That stuff is just sugar and artificial flavors. Nope. Not in this drink.
    I prefer Stirrings, if you can get it.
  5. Shake in an iced metal shaker, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist. The drink should have a beautiful rose color.
  6. I like to think of this drink as a beautiful sunset of a drink: layers of rich, vibrant colors, flavors, and sweet and sour mixes.
  7. The tang of the bourbon, mixed with the quiet subtlety of the vermouth, the citrus, and the sweetness of the grenadine...mmmmm. Yum.
  8. This is a personal favorite of mine. Sometimes, I will vary the recipe with green Chartreuse as a substitute for the vermouth, but I will only add 1/2 oz., as Chartreuse is extremely overpowering.
  9. Ta-da! Thank you.