For @supercommonname I'm tired, but I got one more in me, I think. 😉👍
  1. This recipe comes from "The Bartender's Book" by Jack Townsend in 1952. It's true origins come from it's debut in New York City in 1899. It commemorates the original Broadway singer and actress who got her start in opera.
  2. It's a simple drink, with a simple concept: a tastier, smokey version of the "Moscow Mule".
  3. 2 oz. of blended Scotch whiskey. I would recommend my personal two favorite Scotches: Macallan 12, or Glenmorangie.
  4. 1/2 oz. of freshly squeezed lime juice.
  5. Put these ingredients in a highball glass over ice. Fill to the top with spicy ginger beer or ginger ale.
    I'd recommend Bundaberg, or Reed's Extra Ginger Beer.
  6. Add a lime to garnish.
  7. Now, some people would scream at me: "Dude! You're just ruining good scotch!" However, in my opinion, this drink typifies that which is great about the cocktail: a streamlined, refreshing, and relaxing drink, especially when you are watching baseball. 😉🙌
  8. You get the smokey, peaty taste of the Scotch, and spicy, smokey flavor of the ginger beer, and the lovely acidity of the lime.
  9. Plus, if you run out of ginger beer, you always have Scotch...which is never a bad thing to have handy, kids. 😉🙌
  10. Ta-da. Enjoy!