I think I broke my thumbs with that SEXT opera.
  1. Hello, everyone. “Auntie Erik” here, with a final drink recipe for everyone.
  2. It is truly sad to go. I hope to see you all on Instagram or Twitter. Someday, we’ll be back together again. I’ll have something cold and alcoholic for you.
  3. Until then, your final drink recipe is to get something bubbly or sparkly, and raise your glass.
  4. “And I’m up while the dawn is breaking/Even though my heart is aching/I should be drinking a toast to absent friends/Instead of these comedians.” - Elvis Costello, “The Comedians”
  5. To absent friends.
  6. Also, to you, near and far. I hope you all can appreciate the impact you’ve had upon my life and family.
  7. Thank you. Until next time, next app...I am, very truly yours, your friendly neighborhood Erik Nels Michaelsen.
    Should you ever need my assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Instagram: eriknmichaelsen Twitter: michaelsen_erik
  8. Cheers. “And May God Bless Us, Everyone!”