Inspired by a comment left by the infinitely clever and always charming @Melodie on my "reliving a childhood memory" list.
  1. My dad died in an accident when I was 17. My mom, later when I was 35.
  2. I've definitely spent enough time pondering the infinite possibilities of what my life would be if my dad was around.
  3. I've also come to the following conclusion: my life would be far different with his presence, and that doesn't necessarily mean it would turn out well.
  4. I'm proud of the fact that, despite my dad's absence, I made something of myself.
  5. I learned I was capable of self-reliance.
  6. I figured out how to be a "man" without having to define myself in his example.
  7. I set my own terms of what I thought was masculine, that I didn't have to fight other men to resolve a problem, that I didn't have to be an abusive dick (like my dad) to actually be one.
  8. I learned that a real man never, ever hits a woman. Never.
    I've had to break up my dad hitting my mom on more times than I could count.
  9. I also learned self-respect, hard work, discipline, and that I could take care of my family and friends.
  10. Basically, I learned I had the guts to keep going without him, even when I thought I couldn't.
  11. So...honestly, I only miss the memory of him. Waving goodbye was a tough thing in retrospect, but it's just like that.
  12. I only wished I could have waved a little longer.
  13. Normally, I'd end this with a SEXT, but I think I can let this one ride.
  14. ........
  15. ........
  16. Nahhhhh. SEXT