1. I just wanted to say the following:
  2. This year has been one of the most particularly difficult years of my life.
  3. We received our first bar complaint, like, ever. It was total garbage, and was quickly thrown out. No disciplinary action whatsoever. However, sweating that shit out for weeks in February seriously aged me.
    This all happened on my birthday too. We got the notice on my actual, fucking birthday.
  4. Work has been insanely slow, making finances tough.
  5. Annie got weirdly sick in May. Did we have medical insurance? Nope. We weren't eligible for Obamacare's new round of coverage until this month.
    We have it now at least.
  6. I went to L.A. and got insanely drunk. This came to the point where I realized that I am not fulfilling the promise I made to myself this year that I would actually slow down, lose weight, and take care of myself.
  7. All musical creativity got sucked out of me. All writing creativity is gone. That is frustrating and sad to me.
  8. Finally...there's Twilly. She had two days without collapsing, but had one today.
  9. I feel like my poor girl is just getting worse. She's on a new medication to control her heart rate so that she won't collapse.
  10. I know that her condition is progressing, but I would love it to be, at least, stable. Honestly, I just don't know if she's happy, and that is what makes me the most sad.
  11. Meanwhile, I'm trying to put on a brave face for Moony and Froggy, but they're scared for Twilly. We all are.
  12. So...there. I've complained enough.