I actually laughed out loud with how crazy I have been acting since Tuesday. Wow.
  1. Because it couldn't.
  2. I am, in many respects, a political person for several reasons: because of my job and because of my education.
  3. I am also a patriot, and a son of California.
  4. As such, the last few days of violence and racial rhetoric I've been seeing from ordinary citizens had, literally, made me sick. I couldn't do it.
    I tried to avoid the news, conversations, or anything about this horror. I even put my phone under the bed to stop seeing any kind of alerts.
  5. Today, I read something and saw something that I couldn't ignore. I won't belabor you all with the details. Suffice it to say: it shook me out of this feeling.
    Basically, I read a very powerful article on autocracy by Masha Gessen from the NYR Daily. The author lived through autocratic despots, and had poignant things to say. The article inspired this, and I'm applying its rules here.
  6. So, here's my take:
  7. Yes. Trump won. We have to live with it. Resisting right now as an act of political protest is brave and right, but ultimately futile.
  8. It's futile only the sense that we know and don't know what we're getting here, and we can't do anything about it right now.
  9. We know that we will be living under an autocracy for four years. The lessons to learn from this are the following:
  10. 1. Believe everything this man says, because he means every word of it.
    This article correctly points out that we want to rationalize his anti-immigrant, hate words as: "political rhetoric", and say to ourselves: "Oh, no! He doesn't REALLY mean that, does he?"
  11. Oh, yes. He does. This has been confirmed by the racist outbreaks all over the country, and the fact he has not issued any statement to calm the violence.
  12. What really should concern us all is his executive orders to affect "law and order" to hunt down and punish his enemies.
  13. Remember: he means exactly what he says. He will prosecute Clinton. He will give broader police power to conduct illegal search and seizures.
  14. He will deport Muslims and illegal immigrants.
  15. He will annihilate climate change.
  16. He means every. Single. Word. He. Says. Do not suffer under this delusion of rationalization. He means to hurt and punish anyone that got in his way. This means you.
  17. 2. Do not be fooled by brief instances of hope.
  18. Again, Gessen is correct. He is not normal. Sure, he is currently running a few familiar Republican plays right now. You may breathe a sigh of relief (as I did) when he take off the anti-Muslim platform from his website. You even may have been trying to rationalize this act as a sign of hope.
  19. Do not do it. Nothing is normal anymore. When you start to truly accept that, you can start to think clearly again.
  20. 3. Our government will not save us.
  21. As sad as that remark may be, it is the truth. Gessen argues argues that Trump intends on making himself and his worshippers some of the richest people on the planet. He will do this at the expense of this planet, the poor, the sick, and especially from the ordinary people that voted him in.
  22. I know what you're thinking: "But wait...we were only trying to make America great again! We wanted prosperity and money and a sense of old-school values to make us rich!"
  23. During his campaign, have you ever noticed that he never defined his vision of a "great" America? Sure, he alluded to the things he would do if elected...but, the definition was missing, right?
  24. That was the lie he sold us on. All we had to do was think about America, think about our definition of what makes us happy, and try to intellectualize it for ourselves.
  25. This is not a "leader". This is a salesman. The platform was a sales tactic. "All war is deception." - Sun Tzu.
    The "war" is securing the greatest position of power in the world for the sole purpose of getting rich.
  26. White people (men and women) that supported him think they're going to be rich pre-Bush-recession 2008.
  27. White evangelicals think that Trump is a God-fearing man, and will bring back fundamental Christian values.
  28. White supremacists believe he will make America great by tacitly allowing them to speak out openly.
  29. White fringe intellectuals think he supports a "dumbing down" of political correctness, and a healthy return from leftist, intellectual elitism.
  30. Sadly, they are all wrong.
  31. The only person that truly understands his own values is the autocrat himself. No one will ever know what this man with absolute power will ever be thinking. He has purposely obfuscated himself for that very reason.
  32. He sold them a lie. In four years, they may or may not see the error of their ways. However, this country will most likely suffer socially, internationally, and economically than pre-World War II/Great Depression era.
  33. Those that voted for Trump thought that they were following their conscience, based on the "fill-in-the-blank" ideal each one thought they'd be buying.
  34. They are not to be blamed. They actually voted. It was the 49.6% that chose not to vote that gave us this version of America.
  35. Remember: you cannot complain about being reduced to ashes, when you never raised your voice in the first place. He was counting on that to his path to victory.
  36. 4. Be angry. Be outraged. However, be smart about it.
  37. The internet is filled with vitriolic, racist assholes who can hide behind their anonymity and strike anywhere.
  38. Don't get suckered in. Don't engage them. They will never understand you, and won't bother to try.
    I repeat: DON'T engage them. You will not win. Do not give them your power.
  39. I'm not saying to just submit. I'm saying to use the weapons that you have available to you:
  40. Your mind
    Make it strong. Make it diverse. Make it like a diamond: cold, hard, and brilliant.
  41. Your words
    Choose them well. Aim them carefully. "The right word armed with the Truth can blow the kneecaps off of the world." - Spider Jerusalem, "Transmetropolitan"
  42. Your body.
    Do everything you can to NOT to get sick. You will, literally, not be able to afford it. Protect it always.
  43. Protect your wealth and property.
    If you can't beat the system, make profit from it. A well-funded "army" is a powerful one.
  44. Stay "silent", but constantly "aware".
    They use guns, hate, and loud voices. Our weapons are silent and precise. We use thoughts and words, and these are bulletproof.
  45. Do not forget the tenets of the enemy:
  46. It doesn't care about you.
  47. It won't feed or clothe you.
  48. It will punish you for feeling or thinking differently.
  49. It will make sure you will die sick and broke.
    This is what happened yesterday, kids, and it hurt me to my core.
  51. Alright? Alright.
  52. To the new government: this list is not a declaration of armed insurgency against the United States.
    I am merely asserting my First Amendment rights before I am shut down, murdered, or broken.
  53. To Trump supporters: I'm not going to engage you in a debate. If you want me to suffer at your little troll hands, come and get me. You are certainly welcome to try.
  54. However, I am humbly requesting that you present to the rest of the world your current economic and social status in some form on social media in exactly four years today, November 10, 2020.
  55. If things got better for you, wonderful. I personally invite you to drag me off behind the shed to be shot.
  56. If things did not, I ask you to re-read this List, should it exist, and consider my words of opinion. Consider other minds far smarter than I in discussing what has happened to you.
  57. I am asking you to keep an open mind, even long after when you've decided to close it for good.
  58. 5. (the last, I swear): For those that feel as I do, always remember that you are not alone.
  59. Do not despair. There will be happiness again, and there will be wonderful surprises. I promise you all.
  60. Never give up. Keep yourself strong, and always smarter. The enemy is counting on you give up and be dumb. Don't.
  61. I love you all. I will never leave. I will never go away.
  62. SEXT