1. The music of Shonen Knife.
    Japanese all-girl punk band. They sing songs about blue-eyed kitty cats flying to the moon on a rocket, and I love them, and they make me laugh out loud.
  2. Old locks.
    Yes. The older, the better. They fascinate me.
  3. Old maps.
  4. Antiques.
    Yes I go antiquing. It's fun. Don't laugh. I never buy anything. I just poke around.
  5. The smell of the ocean.
  6. Bookstores.
    I could spend all day poking around.
  7. Ice-blocking
    Get a block of ice. Get a beach towel. Sneak onto a grassy hill (office parks are particularly best). Put the towel on the block of ice. Sit on the towel. Slide down the hill. Cheapest fun you'll have for $1.47.