Thanks, @abbsolutelyNot for the idea! Just killing time before work.
  1. Disciples of Ed/The Mr. T Experience/Mr. Bungle.
    I was really young. I snuck out of my house to go see them at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.
  2. The Pixies/Primus/Jane's Addiction
    Probably, one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. Phoenix Theater.
  3. Mudhoney
    EMU Ballroom. I've seen them like five times. Love, love, love this band.
  4. Faith No More.
    Amazing. EMU Ballroom
  5. Presidents of The United States of America.
    When they first came out. Jesus, I'm old. EMU Ballroom.
  6. L7
    AMAZING. EMU Ballroom.
  7. Nirvana/Butthole Surfers/Chokebore
    December 1993. San Diego. Best show ever.
  8. Green Day/Tilt
    Green Day just got video play on MTV. Again, the Phoenix Theater. Amazing show.
  9. They Might Be Giants.
    Phoenix. Wow, I've spent a lot of time in Petaluma.
  10. Pearl Jam/Neil Young/Bad Religion
    Ughhhhhh. Golden Gate Park. So annoying. So painful. Eddie got sick from eating too many mushrooms, and threw up and left the stage. Then, we had a three hour set of Neil Young jamming. He even admitted that he ran out of songs. Bad Religion was wonderful.
  11. Lollapalooza 1995
    I saw Green Day, L7, Shonen Knife, Parliament Funkadelic, The Breeders, the Beastie Boys, and Smashing Pumpkins. Shoreline Amphitheater. The Beastie Boys blew everyone away. Just...yeah.
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Portland. Went with this highly annoying girl that I liked, but basically wanted to make out, decide that her: "schoolwork was too important to get into a relationship", and would go back to her boyfriend (on-again, off-again). I think she just wanted a ride to the show.
  13. Ben Harper.
    Holy shit. Wow. Wells Fargo Center. Just...damn.
  14. Blues Traveller/Joan Osborne.
    It involves a bad: "Erik got horribly wasted and ended up in someplace horrific" story. Luckily, my best friend found me. Hollywood Bowl - 1996
  15. The Cure/Dave Matthews Band/Smashing Pumpkins/Blues Traveller/Neil Young/Social Distortion- Bridgeschool Benefit -1997.
    Awesome show. Again, Neil Young. Ugh.
  16. Orgy
    This involves the famous "kidney stone" story.
  17. Pearl Jam - 2000
    Decided I would give them another try. It was meh.
  18. KISS/Ted Nugent/Sonic Youth
    That was the weirdest, and hysterically funny shows I have ever been to in my life. That deserves a list unto itself.
  19. Radiohead and the Pixies - Coahchella 2004
    A great show. Fucking hot as hell. The A/C in our car died in 105 degree heat.
  20. The Pixies - Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
    Blew me away.
  21. The White Stripes - Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
    Again, easily one of the top best shows I've ever been to see.
  22. The Beastie Boys - Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
    Just AMAZING
  23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bill Graham, San Francisco
    I fell in love with this band a while ago. They were perfect. The two girls sitting in front of us kept whipping their hair in my face. I wanted to drown in a toilet
  24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Muse/Beck - Shoreline. 2008
    Amazing show. No hair-whipping.
  25. Outside Lands - Golden Gate Park, 2011-2015
    Pretty much, I've seen anything and everything there. Much I do remember. Some of it, ahem, I do not. Those are list material.
  26. Shit! Almost forgot: R.E.M./Sonic Youth - Portland, 1994.
    A really, really amazing show.
  27. R.E.M./Modest Mouse - Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
    Incredible. One of the last shows before they broke up.
  28. The Pixies - Hollywood Bowl, 2014.
  29. It's safe to say that I have been to a lot of shows. Wow. Shit.